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We sell our products through Digital River – a global merchant like Amazon but focused on digital products. They accept credit cards and PayPal payments, and handle the incredible mess the international VAT/sales tax rules are becoming. They might offer wire transfer prepayments in select countries.

After clicking Proceed to Digital River, we'll redirect you to (their e-commerce site) where you'll complete your purchase. Digital River might also add VAT to your purchase based on your country of residence.

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If you'd like to be invoiced directly from, make an order that exceeds $1000, for example an Expert or a Workgroup subscription.

As you’re buying our product from Digital River, you’ll have to contact them if there’s a problem with your credit card transaction, if you need to change something on your receipt, or if you want to get a tax refund. The details you need to contact them will be in the receipt they’ll send you after a successful purchase.

We’d love to help you, but unfortunately we don't see your credit card transaction, and can’t change your data in their system.