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This webinar covers two aspects of cloud security: how to ensure that your cloud provider and platform is secure, and how to secure your own cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Security

1:13:20 Cloud Security Basics

The most important aspect of public cloud security is the split responsibility model: the cloud provider is responsible for infrastructure security, but you're still responsible for securing your deployment.

This section describes the basics of public cloud security, how you could evaluate the security posture of your public cloud provider, and concludes with an overview of what you could do to secure your public cloud environment.

Cloud 101 18:39 2019-06-07
Cloud Security 101 16:01 2019-06-07
Cloud Provider Evaluation 27:18 2019-06-07
Protecting Your Cloud Environment 7:56 2019-06-07
Summary 3:26 2019-06-07
Slide Deck 6.1M 2019-04-08

More Information

Cloud Service Provider Security Mistakes

1:20:02 Identity and Access Management

In this section you'll learn how to set up your public cloud platform accounts and how to protect them. In addition, Cloud IAM solutions offer the possibility to use the platform accounts for your application stack as well - and we will explore security challenges and opportunities of this approach.

Section Introduction 5:51 2020-02-22
Definitions and Terms 10:02 2020-02-22
Identity and Access Management 28:04 2020-02-22
Deep Down the IAM Rabbit Holes 19:26 2020-02-22
Protecting API Keys 7:57 2020-02-22
IAM Engineering 8:42 2020-02-22
Slide Deck 15M 2019-12-18

1:01:46 Logging and Monitoring

Cloud environments offer new logging mechanisms which differ from traditional technologies. We will explore how you could use cloud storage to save the logs, and analyze them using additional cloud services, or how you could send the cloud events to external services for further analysis.

Section Introduction 3:30 2020-02-29
Definitions and Terms 5:21 2020-02-29
Logging of Cloud Events 13:34 2020-02-29
Cloud-based Log Storage and Analysis 15:46 2020-02-29
Demos and Conclusions 23:35 2020-02-29
Slide Deck 16M 2020-01-15

1:20:22 Automation and Testing

One of the biggest advantage of public cloud environments is their capability to modify any object via an API call or use infrastructure-as-code templates to deploy, modify or destroy whole application stacks, as well as monitor the compliance of actual deployment with desired state specified in the template.

This section describes how you can leverage this capability to increase the security of your deployments, and how the modern IaC and CI/CD methodologies affects traditional security testing approaches.

Section Introduction 2:39 2020-03-06
Terms and Motivation 15:53 2020-03-06
Automation Security Benefits 19:14 2020-03-06
Tools and Lab 28:13 2020-03-06
Testing and Verification 11:09 2020-03-06
Conclusions 3:14 2020-03-06
Automation and Testing Demos 7.3K 2020-01-24
Slide Deck 29M 2020-01-24

2:00:12 Public Cloud Security Considerations

In this section, Matthias Luft reviewed the public cloud security groundwork, and then dived into the details needed to develop cloud security, establish zero-trust model, and interact with a cloud-native security team.

Cloud Security Recapitulation 22:52 2020-04-21
Cloud Security Caveats 11:01 2020-04-21
Cloud-Native Security Teams 17:42 2020-04-21
Cloud Network Security Models 20:46 2020-04-21
Zero-Trust Model 12:54 2020-04-21
Network Security versus Virtual Appliances 28:33 2020-04-21
Conclusions 6:24 2020-04-21

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