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Cloud Computing and Networking

Introduction to Cloud Networking Technologies

3:31:00 Free items Introduction to Virtualized Networking

Introductory webinar describing the networking requirements of server virtualization and IaaS cloud services, workload mobility, large-scale virtual networking solutions and multi-tenant isolation. This webinar is the recommended entry-level starting point for networking engineers interested in virtualization and cloud services.

2:40:00 Free Introduction to Cloud Computing

This webinar covers the basics of Public Cloud services, with other webinars in the Cloud Computing roadmap providing details of specific cloud services.

4:55:00 Free items Networking in Private and Public Clouds

This 5-hour webinar describes the networking requirements of various cloud services (from infrastructure virtualization to software-as-a-service solutions) and designs you can use to build data center networks that support them.

The webinar focuses on IaaS networking scalability and helps you select the most appropriate architecture for your environment based on the number of physical servers and tenants you envision in your environment.

Networking in Public Cloud

14:55:00 Free items Amazon Web Services Networking

This webinar will help demystify the networking aspects of Amazon Web Services. We'll start with the high-level concepts, cover security aspects, and conclude with inter-VPC routing and hybrid cloud implementations.

14:12:00 Free items Microsoft Azure Networking

This webinar will help demystify the networking aspects of Microsoft Azure. We'll start with the high-level concepts, cover security aspects, and conclude with complex routing and hybrid cloud implementations.

Overlay Virtual Networking

3:40:00 Free items Overlay Virtual Networking

This vendor-agnostic webinar briefly revisits the networking needs of server virtualization and IaaS cloud computing and describes the benefits and drawbacks of overlay virtual networks as compared to traditional VLAN-based solutions (including VM-aware networking technologies like 802.1Qbg). The second half of the webinar focuses on architectural and scalability aspects of individual solutions from major virtualization vendors (Cisco, VMware, Microsoft) and open-source alternatives (OpenStack).

1:54:00 Free Scaling Overlay Virtual Networks

Every major hypervisor- and networking vendor has an overlay virtual networking product or solution. Most of them work reasonably well in small environments, but would they also scale to thousands of hosts and tens- or hundreds of thousand of virtual machines or Docker containers

This free webinar sponsored by Nuage Networks (now part of Nokia) explores the scalability challenges of overlay virtual networks and give you some guidelines that you can use to select the overlay virtual networking solution for your public or private cloud.

3:42:00 VXLAN Technical Deep Dive

VXLAN is a novel MAC-over-IP technology used to implement large-scale layer-2 multi-tenant virtual networking solutions within the VMware's vSphere ecosystem. This webinar will give you the architectural and technical details you need to design and deploy VXLAN-based virtual networks. It assumes familiarity with virtual networking concepts and VMware networking solutions.

Securing Cloud Environments

4:55:00 Cloud Security

This webinar covers two aspects of cloud security: how to ensure that your cloud provider and platform is secure, and how to secure your own cloud infrastructure.

2:45:00 Free items Virtual Firewalls

This webinar will walk you through the virtual firewalls taxonomy, describe the major architectural options, and illustrate typical use cases with products from established virtual firewall vendors and startups. The webinar assumes familiarity with virtual networking concepts and VMware networking solutions.

Designing and Building a Private Cloud

20:27:00 Free items Data Center Fabric Architectures

The webinar describes the data center networking requirements and various approaches to data center fabric networks. It includes in-depth analysis of fabric architectures used by major data center networking vendor and compares their scalability and ease-of-use.

13:25:00 Free items Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures

The Leaf-and-Spine Fabric Architectures webinar describes the leaf-and-spine (Clos fabric) concepts, architecture, and single- and multistage designs that can be used to build large layer-2 or layer-3 all-point-equidistant Data Center networks.

5:40:00 Free items Designing a Private Cloud Infrastructure

This webinar describes the infrastructure requirements of small- and medium-sized private clouds and presents an architectural blueprint that could be used to design simple-to-operate private clouds.

3:37:00 Free items Designing Active-Active and Disaster Recovery Data Centers

This webinar covers typical design scenarios encountered when building a disaster recovery data center or deploying multiple data centers in an active-active configuration.

Cloud Infrastructure Case Studies

These case studies describe the process of building a private cloud infrastructure, and scaling it out by using standardized single-rack building blocks.
Designing a Private Cloud Network Infrastructure 194K 2014-05-17
Scale-Out Private Cloud Infrastructure 560K 2014-09-26

Workshop Slide Decks

Standard subscription includes access to slide decks of several cloud-related workshop.

3:30:00 Building Active-Active and Disaster Recovery Data Centers Workshop

4:55:00 Networking in Private and Public Clouds (Workshop)

8:00:00 Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds Workshop

3:00:00 Virtual Firewalls and Appliances Workshop

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