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Network Automation

Network Automation Principles

1:48:00 Free items Network Automation 101

This webinar describes what network automation is, why should we use it, and what tools are available if you want to get started.

46:00 Free items Network Programmability 101

This webinar discusses fundamental concepts and ideas that network engineers can use today to start "ramping up" the software-defined path. Matt Oswalt addresses some of the biggest questions on many network professionals' minds - questions like "Do I need to be a programmer to keep my job?", or "There is so much to learn - where do I start?"

Tools and Technologies

10:40:00 Free items Network Automation Tools

This webinar describes when and how to use typical open-source network automation tools: Ansible, Git, Vagrant, NetBox, pmacct, ELK stack... and many more.

2:52:00 Free items PowerShell for Networking Engineers

The PowerShell for Networking Engineers webinar describes the basics of PowerShell (to help you understand the rest of the webinar if you have no prior PowerShell experience) and then focuses on a number of network automation use cases.

19:49:00 Free items Ansible for Networking Engineers

This webinar focuses on Ansible, the configuration management tool most commonly used by network automation professionals. It also describes YAML, the text file format used by Ansible, and Jinja2 templating language.

2:28:00 Nornir: Speed Up Network Automation

In this webinar you will learn how easy it is to write Nornir code even if you're not proficient with Python, how easy it is to integrate with other frameworks like a flask or click, and how to leverage your text editor features for autocompletion, easy access to documentation, or even debugging and troubleshooting.

4:25:00 NETCONF and YANG

This webinar takes a user from zero to learned hero using real world experience and demonstratable technology. Using off the shelf tools from well known companies along with DIY using Python, NETCONF and YANG background knowledge and real world how-to steps are delivered over a two hour webinar.


12:03:00 Network Automation Concepts

This webinar provides an overview of network automation concepts you should master as you progress from easy wins like creating automated reports or device configurations to building automation systems.

7:22:00 Free items Network Automation Use Cases

This webinar describes several real-life network automation use cases including abstracted network state, automated IPv6 deployments, and automated deployment of data center fabrics.

Workshop Slide Decks

Standard subscription includes access to slide decks of network automation-related workshops.

8:00:00 Lean Start into Network Automation

This day-long workshop will dispel the "automation is too hard for me" myth and show you how to get worthwhile results by investing a day or two of your time.

21:24:00 Network and Security Automation with Ansible Workshop

This workshop will help you learn the basics of Ansible, YAML and Jinja2 (the foundational technologies used by Ansible), the pesky details that trip Ansible beginners, and how to use Ansible to automate your network.

12:00:00 Network Automation Workshop

This workshop covers typical network automation scenarios, from generating simple reports and managing device configurations to full-blown automated service deployments.

69:55:00 Automate Everything (Colorado Springs 2017)

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