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The PowerShell for Networking Engineers webinar describes the basics of PowerShell (to help you understand the rest of the webinar if you have no prior PowerShell experience) and then focuses on a number of network automation use cases.

PowerShell for Networking Engineers

57:45 Free items Introduction

In the first part of the PowerShell webinar Mitja Robas described the basics of PowerShell, the environments in which you could run it, and demonstrated how you could use it to execute simple REST API calls.

Introduction to PowerShell 26:17 2017-05-29
Hands-on PowerShell 19:24 2017-05-29
Using REST API with PowerShell 12:04 2017-07-04

Additional Resources

Slide Deck 1.7M 2017-02-11
Source code for Mitja's PowerShell demos

56:28 Free items PowerShell Network Automation Use Cases

You can use PowerShell to create device configurations, push device configurations to network devices, execute REST API calls to configure or monitor network devices that support REST API, or combine all these functions into a full-blown infrastructure provisioning solution.

Simple PowerShell Scripts 11:56 2017-07-04
Creating Device Configurations in PowerShell 11:04 2017-07-04
Configure Data Center Devices 12:55 2017-07-04
Use REST API with Network Devices 11:01 2017-07-04
Putting It All Together 9:32 2017-07-04
Slide Deck 1.7M 2017-02-11

58:37 Free items PowerNSX

PowerNSX allows you to query, create, and delete VMware NSX objects - from transport zones and logical switches to edge routers, BGP routing or distributed firewalls - with PowerShell.

In this section of the webinar Anthony Burke and Nick Bradford describe the basics of PowerNSX and usage guidelines, and demonstrate several real-life examples, from creating a VXLAN-backed port group to full-blown application infrastructure provisioning and automatic Visio diagramming.

What Is PowerNSX 14:44 2017-12-12
Creating a Logical Switch 9:18 2017-12-12
Deploying 3-tier Applications 7:26 2017-12-12
Configuring Logical Routers 5:00 2017-12-12
Automatic Diagramming 8:02 2017-12-12
Getting Started 14:07 2017-12-12

Additional Resources

Slide Deck 1.7M 2017-02-24
PowerNSX Source Code
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