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This webinar describes when and how to use typical open-source network automation tools: Ansible, Git, Vagrant, NetBox, pmacct, ELK stack... and many more.

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Network Automation Tools

1:13:14 Open-Source Tools for Modern Networks

Introduction 15:08 2020-10-22
What Tools Do We Need 9:46 2020-10-22
Tools to Evaluate Networks 15:57 2020-10-22
Configuration Management and IPAM 18:25 2020-10-22
Operations and Change Management Tools 13:58 2020-10-22

2:14:38 Network Simulation Tools

The Uses of Network Simulation 17:56 2020-10-26
Network Simulation Choices 19:58 2020-10-26
Choosing a Network Simulation Tool 11:48 2020-10-26

1:07:16 Using Vagrant

Vagrant Basics 11:28 2020-10-26
Networking in Vagrant 13:36 2020-10-26
Configuring Vagrant with Vagrantfile 6:03 2020-10-26
Vagrant Boxes 13:02 2020-10-26
Experiences with Vendor NOSes 23:07 2020-10-26

17:40 Other Network Simulation Tools

Eve-NG and GNS3 6:10 2020-10-26
Topology Converter 8:41 2020-10-26
Summary 2:49 2020-10-26

1:47:47 Using netlab to Build Networking Labs

Why Do We Need Another Labbing Tool 16:37 2022-10-21
What Can netlab Do 20:26 2022-10-21
Getting Started with netlab 18:54 2022-10-21
netlab Topology File 8:24 2022-10-21
netlab Address Management 13:04 2022-10-21
netlab Configuration Modules 8:24 2022-10-21
netlab Graphs and GUI 13:43 2024-03-18
Sample Data Transformation 8:15 2022-10-21
Slide Deck 9.8M 2022-09-06

3:03:09 Network- and Services Deployment Tools

Agenda, Biases, and Guidelines 10:20 2021-06-18

39:14 Configuration and State Management Tools

Configuration and State Management Tools 19:04 2021-06-18
Puppet, Salt and Terraform 15:23 2021-06-18
The Importance of Good Data 4:47 2021-06-18
Connectivity Libraries 15:22 2021-06-18
Text Parsing Libraries 22:35 2021-06-18

1:07:38 Automation Frameworks

Why Is Ansible so Popular? 19:08 2021-07-08
Ansible Versions and Ansible Galaxy 13:19 2021-07-08
Ansible Overview 22:28 2021-07-08
Beyond Ansible (including Nornir) 12:43 2021-07-08

15:40 Version Control Systems

Version Control and Review Systems 15:40 2021-07-08

12:20 More Information

Questions & Answers 12:20 2021-07-08
Python Networking Tools, Libraries, and Frameworks

1:25:42 Git and GitHub

Git is the source-control tool of choice not only for most open source project, but also for extremely large teams like Facebook or Microsoft Windows development team. It seems a bit convoluted when you start, but you’ll quickly discover its benefits in this Getting started with Git tutorial by Scott Lowe.

If you’re familiar with another version control tool, or want to learn more about Git, I’d highly recommend reading the Pro Git book. I would also suggest you invest more time in understanding Git concepts than trying to remember a few quick recipes and move on.

Git and GitHub 23:10 2023-11-25
Git Branches 29:22 2023-11-25
Git Remotes 21:45 2023-11-25
Useful Tips 11:25 2023-11-25
Slide Deck 545K 2017-01-17

Hands-on exercises

Practice Your Git 205K 2017-08-14
Git Recipe Explained

Git books and other online courses

Git Magic

Simple and humorous introduction to Git basics

Pro Git book

A must-read book for everyone aiming to master Git

Git Notes for Professionals

Another must-read book full of Git tips and tricks

Git Immersion (recommended by Bruno Wollmann)
Git in 15 minutes
GitHub on-demand training

Git branching strategies

Gitflow (a commonly used branching approach)
Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches (Martin Fowler)
Git branching guidance (
Comparing Git workflows (
Git Feature Branch Workflow (

Using Git

Using Git branches in NetDevOps (Leslie Carr, RIPE 71)
GitOps: A Path to More Self-service IT (Tom Limoncelli, ACM Queue)
How to find stuff in Git
Confusing Git terminology
Recipes-of-last-resort for the times when nothing else works
Contributing to Open-Source Projects with Git
Popular git config options
Git Tips & Tricks by Scott Chacon (GitButler)
More Git Tips & Tricks (Hacker News)

Git details for the curious

git branches: intuition & reality
Inside Git directory
git rebase: what can go wrong?
How git cherry-pick and revert use 3-way merge

1:08:43 Tools Useful in Automated Remediation

Automated Remediation - Introduction 6:44 2016-12-01
Configuration Backup Tools 9:42 2016-12-01
IPAM Tools 13:47 2016-12-01
Syslog Tools 11:08 2016-12-01
SNMP and Flow Collection Tools 13:58 2016-12-01
Testing Tools 13:24 2016-12-01

Slide Decks

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Network Simulation Tools 4.2M 2020-06-03
Configuration and State Management Tools 559K 2021-06-09
Tools Useful in Automated Remediation 3.6M 2016-10-20
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