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VXLAN is a novel MAC-over-IP technology used to implement large-scale layer-2 multi-tenant virtual networking solutions within the VMware's vSphere ecosystem. This webinar will give you the architectural and technical details you need to design and deploy VXLAN-based virtual networks. It assumes familiarity with virtual networking concepts and VMware networking solutions.

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VXLAN Technical Deep Dive

25:59 Introduction

What Problem Is VXLAN Solving? 17:22 2022-05-09
VXLAN and Geneve Overview 8:37 2022-05-09

1:10:43 VXLAN and Geneve Data Plane

VXLAN and Geneve Data Plane 17:48 2022-05-09
Benefits, Requirements and Drawbacks 8:19 2022-05-09
Q&A: Segments, Tenants, and Customers 9:05 2022-05-09
Emulating Ethernet Flooding 19:05 2022-05-09
Data Plane Deployment Guidelines 16:26 2022-05-09

31:03 Control Plane Implementations for VXLAN Networks

Control Plane for VXLAN Networks 20:28 2022-05-06
Scaling Controller-Based VXLAN 10:35 2022-05-06

41:48 VXLAN Gateways and Transport Fabrics

VXLAN Gateways 15:45 2022-05-06
VXLAN-Based Transport Fabrics 11:03 2022-05-06
Routing In and Out of VXLAN Tunnels (RIOT) 15:00 2022-05-06

19:35 Q&A Session

Questions and Answers 19:35 2022-05-06

Slide Deck

VXLAN and Geneve Technical Deep Dive 6.0M 2022-05-06

14:02 Obsolete Products

Cisco Nexus 1000V 8:21 2015-03-04
Using OVSDB in VXLAN-Based Networks 5:41 2015-05-23
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