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This webinar will walk you through the virtual firewalls taxonomy, describe the major architectural options, and illustrate typical use cases. The webinar assumes familiarity with virtual networking concepts and VMware networking solutions.

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Virtual Firewalls

47:58 Free items Virtual Firewall Technology Introduction

This section introduces the concepts and terminology:

  • Many levels of firewall statefulness
  • Differences between virtual firewalls and contexts on physical firewalls;
  • Virtual firewall taxonomy (from appliances to VM NIC firewalls)
Introduction 14:35 2016-06-15
Virtual Firewalls and Virtual Contexts 18:16 2016-06-15
Questions and Answers - Part 1 10:58 2016-06-15
Virtual Firewall Taxonomy 4:09 2016-06-15

28:53 Virtual Firewall Appliances

Numerous virtual firewalls are nothing more than traditional firewalling software running within a virtual machine. This section describes the benefits and drawbacks of moving from physical appliances to virtual firewall appliances.

Virtual Appliance Firewalls 13:52 2016-06-15
Deploying VM-based Firewalls 15:01 2016-06-15

47:33 Virtual Machine NIC Firewalls

VM NIC firewalls are solutions that filter traffic between a virtual machine and adjacent virtual switch. This section describes several VM NIC firewall implementation models and the tradeoffs they're making.

VM NIC Firewalls 20:18 2016-06-15
Sample VM NIC Firewall Products 14:23 2016-06-15
Third-Party Plugins 12:52 2016-06-15

16:03 Service Insertion and Chaining

You could implement security functionality in virtualized environment with service insertion: redirecting the traffic through a security appliance (physical or virtual).

Service Insertion 9:55 2016-06-15
Service Chaining 6:08 2016-06-15

18:47 Conclusions

Virtual Firewalls in Cloud Environments 5:21 2016-06-15
Conclusions and Questions 13:26 2016-06-15

Slide Deck

Virtual Firewalls 3.0M 2016-06-15

5:41 Free items Public Presentations and Videos

Virtual Firewalls presentation @ Troopers 2013 1.7M 2013-04-19
Virtual Firewalls: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Hyper-V Extensible Switch 5:41 2013-05-23
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