Introduction to Virtualized Networking

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Introductory webinar describing the networking requirements of server virtualization and IaaS cloud services, workload mobility, large-scale virtual networking solutions and multi-tenant isolation. This webinar is the recommended entry-level starting point for networking engineers interested in virtualization and cloud services.

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Introduction to Virtualized Networking

29:00 Free items Introduction

Let's start with the basics: what is server virtualization, what are hypervisors, what are containers, and how is Infrastructure-as-a-Service implemented.

Webinar Introduction 3:26 2022-02-25
Server and Container Virtualization 15:22 2022-02-25
Virtualization Benefits 10:12 2022-02-25

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31:01 Virtual Networks

Virtual machines running within a hypervisor have to communicate with their clients through an outside network, and be able to access storage.

This section describes common mechanisms used to implement virtual networking and virtualized storage, including virtual disks, virtual switches, and multi-tenant isolation or security zones.

Virtual Networking Basics 18:20 2022-02-25
Live Virtual Machine Mobility Basics 12:41 2022-02-25

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34:07 Advanced Virtual Networking Topics

This section covers a plethora of advanced topics including distributed virtual switches, SR-IOV, macvlan and ipvlan Linux interfaces, eBPF and XDP, and smart NICs.

Distributed Virtual Switches 5:35 2022-02-25
Advanced Virtual Interface Topics 11:21 2022-02-25
Linux Packet Forwarding 10:40 2022-02-25
Smart NICs 6:31 2022-02-25

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1:13:27 Scaling the Virtual Networks

VLANs were commonly used to implement virtual networks, resulting in brittle environment using end-to-end bridging across whole data centers. Modern designs use MAC-over-IP encapsulations (overlay virtual networking). This section describes the basics of VLAN scaling and overlay virtual networking, you'll find more details in other network virtualization webinars.

Scaling VLANs 29:14 2022-02-09
Overlay Virtual Networks 23:45 2022-02-09
Integrating Overlay Networks with Physical World 20:28 2022-02-09

29:16 Virtual Network Services

You shouldn't use traditional hardware-based network appliances if you want to give the application developers the ability to deploy application stacks on demand. Modern cloud infrastructures therefore offer firewalling-as-a-service and loadbalancing-as-a-service.

These services are commonly implemented with virtual appliances and distributed in-kernel firewalls. Both technologies are described in this section.

Virtual Appliances 17:56 2022-02-09
Distributed Virtual Firewalls 11:20 2022-02-09

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